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Jenny Shultz

I love, love, love C-ing Polkadots. Their children's clothing selections are unique and not something you will find at every store in town. They have a great selection of clothing and shoes in all sizes and are the perfect place to find baby gifts!

Amy Harper

I absolutely love shopping at C-ing Polkadots!! You all have the greatest, unique selection and are always so happy to see me, it seems!! Thank you for your awesome customer service and unique store!

Kandi Stephens

As a first time Granna....I just learned of your store in March. Two of our favorite outfits for our angel came from your shop. I love your frequent sales to allow all of us to have nice things!

Donna W. Mitchell

Love your shop and especially the children's clothing! I have a grandson and have outfitted him from your adorable boys clothing! Your shop is a very nice addition to downtown!

Kathy Reid

C-ing Polkadots is a very unique store. If you are looking for a unique gift, this is the place to go. The prices are great. We love the children's clothes too!

Jan Evans

I love C-ing Polkadots so much, it is always on my list of where to take my guests and friends from out and town. Every time they find something unique to take back with them. Charming inside and out and Carol is the best!


My girls & I love your shop! It is always a fun destination when we have special momma/daughter outings. We always find treasures to take home with us! The downtown location is fun, the service is excellent, and the range of merchandise is phenomenal.


This is just the CUTEST store. I love going downtown and stopping in here to shop. They've got all the cutest products for babies and kids plus some adorable gifts for your friends (or yourself!)

Tasha &Chyenne

My daughter loves your store, as do i. Every time we have a little time to ourselves we always try to come to your store. You have wonderful and cute merchandise at afordable prices. The service is excellent as well. Every time we walk in we are greeted with smiles and always treated like friends. Its all those things that keep us coming back. Looking forward to our next stop at C-ing Polkadots


Other parts of the world have collective shops that shocsawe exactly what you are talking about Auckland has Fingers and Royal Jewellery, Melbourne has Gallery Funaki. You might want to visit Melbourne, it has a huge community of jewelry artists that are pushing the boundaries of art jewelry.


I enjoy shopping from home. Thank You.


I love your items!

Rosemary Conder

Congratulations on a beautiful website and store! We are so proud to have you as a "neighbor"! A great selection of wonderful surprises!!

Marlys McDaniel

I am an artist myself and have been hearing great things about your little shop for weeks. Your website has a great array of talented artists. Very good feedback for "Owensboro Has It" slogan!

Stephanie Coble

Wonderful website. Can't wait to come to the store and see it in person.

Barbara Troeller

A delightful website!


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