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Carole Gordon

Gordon developed an interest in art at a young age, when her mother took up oil painting as a hobby. Her mother let her experiment with her brushes and paint, but being young Carole didn't have much patience for letting the paint dry.
In high school, she had an art teacher that worked in watercolors and she began briefly working in the medium.

Majoring  in art in college, Gordon took drawing and design classes but did not have any watercolor classes available to  her. After working in different media, she always found herself going back to the challenge of working with watercolors.
Gordon also grew up with a love for horses, as one look at her paintings makes obvious.  She bought her first horse at the age of 27, but circumstances forced her to sell him a few years later. She vowed that one day again she would own another horse.
 Three years ago, she decided to combine her love for horses with her love for the creative process. Gordon began focusing exclusively on equestrian art. Painting horses and admiring their beauty refueled her desire to own a horse of her own.
After 15 years of not having a horse in her life, Gordon purchased a 2-year old, American Paint gelding. His name is ''Patience''.
Gordon now spends as much time as possible with her two passions in life.....Art and Horses.