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Michael Michaud

Michael Michaud captures the exquisite beauty of nature in metals, pearls and stones. Starting his artistic career as an apprentice mold-cutter in 1973, Michaud quickly became a master in the casting of precious metals as well as mold creation. After attending Rochester Institute of Technology's prestigious School for American Craftsmen and graduating in 1980, Michael Michaud found himself working near New York City's flower district. It was here that Michaud's love of nature and jewelry began to blend.

For nearly two decades now, Michael Michaud has been creating his beautiful jewelry from plants he has collected from around the world. Michaud describes his pieces as "copies of nature" - each piece of jewelry is skillfully cast from molds that are created directly from each respective plant, resulting in jewelry that reflects the intricate detail of the natural world. Michael Michaud Jewelry is handcrafted in New York City.